Watering Orchids

The most typical mistake that novice orchid growers make is watering their orchids everyday. This is a sure way to shorten the life span of your orchids and leave you frustrated and distressed. Although orchids are of tropical origin, watering them everyday is very harmful to their well-being. Overwatering will make the roots of your orchids rot and eventually kill the plant.

The Best Time To Water Orchids

The best time to water orchids is in the morning so that by night time, the plant would have dried up. Orchids especially those grown in the home should only be watered approximately once a week. But if you live in the hot and dry parts of the world, you can water them every five days or twice a week at the most. If you use orchid containers for your plants, the size of the containers will determine the frequency of watering them regardless of the climatic conditions. A 4-inch container needs water replenishment every four to five days whilst a 6-inch pot needs water every seven days.

Orchid Mediums

The potting mediums that you use to grow your orchids will have an effect on your plant’s water requirement. If you use bark for example, you will need to water it more frequently than if you use sphagnum moss. You can test the potting mediums yourself to see if it’s dry and in need of watering. Do not just rely on the appearance of the pot being dry because the tendency is that the roots are still moist. Stick a wooden pencil or poke your finger into the pot; if it is still moist to the touch or that the pencil looks moist, refrain from adding water. The number one rule in water requirement of orchids; the potting mediums may stay damp but never soggy. Otherwise, your soggy orchid will soon become a dead orchid.

The Kind Of Water To Use

Using tap water for your orchids is not a good idea since most tap water contains chemicals. These chemicals can be harmful to your plants and may affect their ability to bloom flowers. The best water to use is rainwater. Distilled water will do if rain is scarce in your area. Treat your orchids to a downpour when you water them, mimicking a rainforest showers. The potted and mounted plants’ root-ball must get thoroughly wet.

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