What are Electric Loft Ladders?

Standard loft ladders can be difficult to use because of the effort it takes to manually lower and raise them. Especially if you use your attic on a regular basis, updating to an electric model can make a lot of sense.

Electric loft ladders can be installed to replace an existing manual ladder, although you might want to hire an electrician to help with the wiring. Before purchasing a replacement ladder, measure the existing opening carefully. The space around the opening should also be measured to insure there is enough space for the ladder to open properly. The opening might need to be expanded since electric ladders are often larger. Most models come with many safety features, such as handrails and an emergency stop sensor, which can be important in homes with pets and children.

An attic is a great place for storage. There is nothing more efficient than using unfinished space to stash away things that you either don’t use on an everyday basis, or just cannot bear to part with yet. The problem is access. Dragging a dirty, old ladder all the way from the basement upstairs in a pain, and standing on you tiptoes on a kitchen chair can be dangerous.

Timber loft ladders offer an easy solution. These ladders are a terrific way to get into your attic. One of the most common models is a fold out ladder. You simply pull open the attic door and unfold the ladder. Another popular style is a telescoping ladder. Just open the attic door, and slide the ladder down. Either way you go, you are getting a much better and safer system than standing on a chair. Your local building supply store can also help you find a loft ladder to complete your project.


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