What are the Main Fireplace Accessories?

Tools Set consists of broom, shovel, poker, and stand. You can find these in many different designs some of the most common are cast iron, chrome, and brass.

Screens: Keep the sparks out while adding an additional touch of elegance and decor, you can find these in a simple curve panel design and elaborated hand crafted designs.

Log Holders and Grates: Some of the most common are the large holders that are used for storage of your logs to allow them to season most importantly to keep the water and moisture out. In addition smaller decorative holder enhance the fashion of your home and your fireplace while keeping the wood handy. In addition the holder and greats are elevated from the floor allowing for air to vent from beneath the wood.

Fireplace candelabras: Looking for the warm glow without having to go threw of the process of actually starting the fireplace, then the candelabras are the ideal candidate light them up in side the fireplace and enjoy the flickering glow with much more ease.

Firebacks: In the tradition of Europe, Firebacks add an additional layer of elegance while conserving your fireplace structure and keeping the heat. The provide an additional layer of support to your fireplace by diminishing the impact of the fire.

Bellows: Aid you in bringing your fire to life, for those times that the wood is not catching fast enough, and when you seem to be running out of breath. Bellows are a handy tool to have. Most bellows capture air from the rear and disperses it through the point end of the device and allow the control for airflow.

Ash containers: As the name implies provides a storage place for the ash until enough is accumulated and discarded. Keeping a clean and organized fireplace is a critical factor to conserving the livelihood and safety of your home.

Chimney caps: The external elements can be not only a risk but a safety issue. A cap protects it from outside environment one common occurrence is the creation of nests by birds if it has not been used in a long period of time. Make sure you invest in a good cap. These are the most commonly used fireplace accessories.

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