What Are Your Garage Lighting Options?

There are many garage remodeling ideas people have and different things you can use your garage for. Lighting can become somewhat of a problem though, as most garages have only two lights: an overhead bulb that isn’t too bright and a light built into the automatic garage door system that only comes on when the door is opening and closing. Because of this if you are looking for some garage workshop ideas or something along that line, you are in all probability going to have to find some better lighting options.

Many garages don’t have more than one electrical socket and this is just the way they are built. If you are fortunate and have multiple sockets in your garage, putting in new and improved lighting will likely be a lot simpler. Many garage owners choose to use shop lights that brighten the areas over the workbench.

Chains are often used to hang these lights from the ceiling and the cord is put into a power outlet somewhere in the garage. Lights like these are great for all parts of the garage that are dark.

For the small areas you can use lights that clip on to something and are battery operated. These lights can be attached to walls or shelving using clips, screws or adhesive and they just turn on and off with a button. These battery operated lights are just used to bring light to a particular area and won’t help with the overall garage lighting.

By upgrading the primary light fixture in your garage to something brighter, the lighting in the whole room will be improved dramatically. You can find fluorescent light bulbs that give out 15o watts of light but use much less energy in the stores now. They are handy if you don’t want to modify any of the fixtures and work with just the outlets you have.

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