What Can Go Wrong When It Comes To Pool Maintenance?

If you are a pool owner, your goal is to have your pool crystal clear and sanitized at all times the pool is in use. Normally all it takes to keep things running smoothly is sticking to a regular pool maintenance routine. But occasionally things do go wrong, so in this article we cover some of the most frequent mistakes made by owners of chlorine sanitized pools.

At the top of the list is not checking the pool pH and chlorine levels often enough. The pH reading will have an influence on whether the chlorine will work effectively. A pH reading between 7.2 to 7.8 is what you are after. When it comes to chlorine you want to keep levels of free chlorine above 2.0 and 3.0 parts per million. Remember to add pool shock to your pool once a week or every two weeks while it is in use to keep these levels up. Both chlorine based pool shock and non chlorine shock are widely available.

Not clearing out the skimmer basket and filters is also easy to forget to do. Not only will debris such as leaf litter, bird droppings and so on use up the chlorine in the pool but it may also obstruct the flow of water through the filtration system.

It’s easy to forget to scrub down pool surfaces on a regular basis. This is a great way to keep algae problems at bay. Remember to brush first and vacuum the pool shortly afterward so that you get rid of all the particles that you have brushed off the pool surfaces. You also don’t want the surfaces to become calcified, because once they become that way, they are very hard to clean.

Checking for calcium hardness on a monthly basis is another task to add to your pool maintenance routine. If levels start to rise and you are using calcium hypochlorite as your cleanser it may be worth switching to lithium hypochlorite or dichlor.

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