What Is A Bird Table?

A bird table is a small house, usually built from wood, which we put in our garden and use as a feeding place for birds. Easy to fit into any garden they are suitable for any outdoor space where you want to attract birds and their accompanying song.

Why Get A Garden Bird Table

Getting a bird table for your garden is a great idea if you spend any time at in your outdoor area, if you want to help out the local bird population or you want to encourage your children to learn a little about nature.

Sourcing A Bird Table

A bird table is a simple piece of outdoor furniture, usually made of wood, which allows you to create a place in your garden where birds can find food and shelter. The bird table can sit on top of a pole to keep it out of reach predators or it can hang from a suitable place in you garden.

Bird tables can be purchased from most garden centres so you won’t have any problem finding one. With a variety of sizes and style out there you should find one you like no problem. Many are made of wood from sustainable forests which is good if you have environmental concerns.

If you are feeling adventurous you can even build your own bird table very simply with a hammer, some nails and a few pieces of old wood. You should be able to find plans on the internet to allow you to throw something together in an hour or two.

Whether buying or making a table there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Although it doesn’t have to be massive make sure its big enough that birds won’t fight while trying to feed. Anything over 3 square feet should be sufficient.

2. If you buy a bird table that sits on a post consider getting a baffle fitted to prevent squirrels or cats climbing up and stealing feed or worse.

3. Wood tables are probably the most attractive for the majority of gardens but metal or plastic makes them easier to clean.

Who Uses Bird Tables

Bird tables are so cheap and easy to find that no one should be without one in their garden. They take up little room and add so much to the outdoor environment that you can’t find a better way to increase the value of your outdoor experience.

Traditionally garden bird houses have been used by people who are seriously interested in gardening and birds in general but if we can spread the word about would important they are to your local feathered friends and to your enjoyment of your garden then perhaps we can increase the number we see.

When To Use A Bird Table

Bird tables are often thought of as something that gets used specifically during the winter months when there’s less food available then is optimal. Putting out adequate extra food allows many birds that would naturally die during these times to survive until the spring arrives.

It should be noted however that it can be helpful to put out feed all year round although you should avoid hard foods as these can cause problems with chicks.

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