What is a platform bed – description, advantages, differences.

Queen size platform bedA platform bed is a type of bed that just accommodates a mattress and generally comes with either wooden slats or solid panel which make up their base. The difference between a platform bed and a normal bed is that a normal bed has box springs contained within the frame where a platform bed doesn’t.

Like other types of bed there are many different types and sizes of platform beds from basic designs to more complicated space saving designs which often have storage of some form underneath the bed. This space saving feature is one of the reasons why platform beds are becoming more and more popular today with more people living in smaller and tighter accommodation all looking for ways of maximizing space.

Another reason why platform beds are increasing in popularity is their style as they can look very stylish and modern and are often seen in housing showrooms, furniture displays and more commonly on the many TV programes that focus on house style and design. This is a clear indication that in the not so distant future that the platform bed will become the bed of choice.

But why choose a platform bed over a conventional bed, cabin bed or bunk bed?

King size platform bed

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors:

Who the bed is for? – would a platform bed be suitable for and elderly person – possibly not with the bed being lower down and the base having corners, or a child who might be better off with a themed cabin bed. A platform bed offers a more stylish solution for the more modern thinking person.

What type of room space is available? – Is there enough space to accommodate a larger bed or is space limited. If space is limited there are many different types of platform beds that have storage areas underneath the bed which make it a sensible choice providing a practical and stylish choice of bed.

What is the purpose of the bed other than to sleep in it? – Does the bed need another function like extra storage space or is it just to look stylish and is there to compliment the decor or theme of the room.

In summary, a platform bed can offer a range of functionality similar to cabin beds, but offers much more in terms of style and design to all other types of bed making it a popular choice.

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  1. Hi, I’d just like to thank you for your website which we found very helpful in choosing a Platform bed for our daughters room. Helen is nine and needed a new bed in her bedroom which to be honest is quite small therefore we opted for a platform bed which we hoped would be able to provide some storage or bring an element of style to her room. After looking for some DIY Home Improvement websites we came across yours and couldn’t believe the different types of platform beds available and through the recommendations we found the perfect platform bed which Helen absolutely loves…!!

  2. We have recently purchased a platform bed thanks to some of the great advice and reviews from your site. We have a 12 year old girl who has now started to have friends over so we originally thought about a girl’s bunk bed or a cool cabin bed, however after reading your articles we decided to get a platform bed with a concealed guest bed. The bed looks fantastic, stylish, very modern and also comes with plenty of needed storage and with the addition of a down comforter my daughter and her friends love it.

  3. Thanks for helping us make the right choice in choosing a platform bed for our son. He has just started high school and needed a place where he could do his studies and also relax. We opted for a platform bed with twin air mattresses after reading mattress reviews, which has added some needed style in to his bedroom and has created a relaxed atmosphere where he often hangs out with friends. This has transformed his small bedroom in to his own hang out where he will now comfortably sit without being completely bored as before. Thanks for the advice and links.

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