What is Better for the Kitchen – Curtains or Blinds?

Brown kitchen blindsWhen should you use kitchen curtains to “finish off” your kitchen windows and when should you use blinds? It is very much a personal choice but here are some factors which might sway your decision one way or the other.

Kitchen curtains are easy to purchase ready made in various sizes which will easily fit most kitchen windows and can be easily hung from a simple curtain rod fixed above your windows. If you have windows which are not a standard size and shape you can easily find curtain fabric suitable for kitchens and most stores selling curtain fabric offer a making up service. (You may find special deals too where they will make the curtains for free when you purchase the fabric).

There seems to be no end of fabric designs available and if you don’t like traditional kitchen fabrics there’s no need to restrict yourself to them as there are a wide range of other designs which would look great in your kitchen – including plain, stripe, plaid, paisley and gingham fabrics.

* If you choose washable kitchen curtains or fabrics (and you should) you will be able to launder your curtains frequently to get them looking like new again. The air in a kitchen is full of steam and grease and everything there needs frequent cleaning as I’m sure you are aware.

* If you choose blinds instead of kitchen window curtains you will also have lots of choice although not quite so much if you are looking for ready made shades. However you can get in touch with a specialist blind company if you would like more choice or if your windows are a non standard size and order from them. Fitting of blinds is reasonably straight forward. You usually just have to fix brackets to hold the blind at the top of the window recess and you are done, maybe after trimming your blind slightly to fit the gap if required. If you order from a blind company they will usually fit the blinds for you.

* Where blinds are less useful is in how easy they are to clean. You will be able to wipe clean hard blinds such as metallic Venetian or wooden blinds but fabric blinds can be very difficult to clean (if you can clean them at all). You may be able to have the blind specialist cleaned at a dry cleaners but washing some blinds yourself will usually take the stiffness out of the fabric.

In the end however the choice between kitchen curtains and blinds often comes down to the one thing we haven’t mentioned – the style of your kitchen. Blinds are most suited to high tech and minimalist kitchens whereas kitchen curtains look just right in a more traditional or country kitchen where blinds would look a bit stark.

Pros and Cons

White kitchen blindsI’m just as guilty as anyone else of over analyzing a problem, tossing all the advantages and disadvantages of things over in my mind until I get so caught up in the whole process that I forget why I was trying to decide in the first place. I’m also guilty of rambling on about curtains and blinds on this website without really giving you any indication as to which solution is best for any given situation. I’d like to try and alleviate that a little, and hopefully make your decision a little easier by laying down some black and white facts about these two choices. You may notice that I haven’t included shutters in this post, and the reason is that shutters differ a little from curtain and blinds. Shutters are an option on their own, and are useful for reasons that other window coverings aren’t.

Let’s start with curtains

Curtains usually consist of one or two lengths of material hung on a rod that sits horizontally over the top of a window, or door. Useful to know:

  • They are almost always made of some sort of material, with the noticeable exception of beaded curtains and bamboo curtains.
  • Their main aim is to give you privacy in your home, by blocking out the view into your house from outside.
  • The added benefit of curtains, indeed the main reason that many people choose this style of window treatment, is their look.
  • The soft flowing material of a curtain can really enhance a room, and adds a character that just can’t be matched by the hard lines of a blind.
  • Because curtains are considered such an aesthetic window covering, they have been embellished throughout the years with all sorts of trimmings and additions.

For example, valances, cornices, lace trimmings and tie backs have all become an overall part of the look that makes up a curtain. In the majority of cases, the curtain has become the focal point of the room.

And What About Blinds?

Blinds, on the other hand, are considered to be a whole lot more functional. Although many people do consider the blind to be an attractive window treatment, more people admire them for their functions rather than their looks.

  • One of the main benefits of a blind is it’s ability to control light that comes into your home. A curtain is either open, or it’s closed.
  • It’s either keeping that direct sunlight out of your home, or it’s not.
  • Because many blinds have slats in them, they allow the homeowner to adjust these slats to whatever position gives the best diffusion of light in their room, and they can keep changing it throughout the day, as the sun moves and the light changes.
  • The other big benefit of the blind is that it is a great insulator.

Although you can get curtains with thermal lining, they are never going to be as good at keeping the heat (or winter cold) out of your home as a snug fitting honeycomb blind can.

In Conclusion

White kitchen curtainSo in conclusion, the choice between curtains and blinds really comes down to a choice between aesthetics and functionality, to a certain extent. It also depends on what your personal tastes are. Just because the majority of people prefer the look of curtains, that doesn’t mean that everybody does. If you prefer the look of a particular type of blind, then your choice is going to be a whole lot easier, otherwise you are just going to have to base your choice on variables such as your local climate, the aspect of the window you are covering and your budget. That said, there are bargains to be had with either style. If you look hard enough for cheap curtains and blinds online, you will find them. Many online stores also offer free shipping and money back guarantees on their items, so it’s worth doing a bit of shopping around.

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