What to Do When Oven Elements Break Down

It sucks when the elements of the electric oven suddenly fails when you need them functioning the most, such as when you are preparing for holiday meals and grand dinners. In order to prevent the oven from totally malfunctioning at the time when you need it the most, keep a keen eye on particular signs that may be telling you that “Hey, I’m going to break down soon if you don’t do anything about it.” One of the usual signs of a failing oven is the presence of bright spots on the oven elements, which is a warning that the element is about to be burnt out. Once you notice this, make sure that you replace the element immediately and only get original parts.

Prior replacement, first unplug the unit from the socket to avoid electrical accidents. If you want to take extra precaution, you can turn off the breakers if you like. Move the oven far from the wall so that there will be ample space for you to move around and check every side and corner of the appliance. Remove the rear panel of the range to reveal the element wiring, and study it carefully. Determine which elements are already burnt out or are about to be, and then carefully unscrew the connections to remove the element wiring. Be very careful during this process and make it a point that you do not break any connections all throughout. If you find the oven’s architecture to complex or confusing, study the manual that came along with the appliance so you can have a general idea regarding how to properly disconnect its parts. If you need to use your hands to take out the burnt out elements, make sure that you have protective gloves on to prevent acquiring wounds from sharp parts and from being infected by certain chemicals that may be present. Lastly, simply replace the parts that you took out with original replacements and then piece the parts of the oven back together.

This procedure may be quite advanced, however. Thus, if you are not used to tinkering with appliances, you might as well call the experts.

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