What to Do with Fallen Leaves: Collect, Sweep and Rake and then Shred or Blow

Everybody needs to exercise a bit each day and one of the ways this is done is through house chores. So when autumn arrives and the beautiful leaves start changing color from red, to yellow to brown; it is a sign that they will soon fall and need to be picked up. This is what exercise is in reserve for people with some green around their houses during those months. Leaves fall like hair and often need cleaning up and gathering. It isn’t something necessarily fun, but it isn’t tedious either. It always depends on what one makes of it.

Fall is the worst time of year for this situation, but when it arrives here are the various ways one can plan out what to do with the fallen leaves. There are various ways to organize the clean-up, especially before the piles and accumulated leaves make leaf mold. The first option is to collect the leaves and shred them. A person can sweep or rake them and if they don’t want to shred leaves, they can always blow them away or put them in garbage bags. The easiest and most common method is to collect leaves. To do this one can rake or sweep.

Raking is preferred by some because it manages to grab more leaves versus the broom which can just sweep them instead of gather them. Raking is also easier for picking up the leaves to put them in a shredder, a dumpster or a bag. If one doesn’t prefer these methods there is always the option of blowing them away, but that really should be used only for the remainder of what will be left after gathering or shredding. If one has a pile of leaves and just blows them in the middle of the street, it is not necessarily right. They can go in the neighbor’s yard or can clog the neighborhood’s sewage system. It is really best to gather them and rid of them through shredding or bags. Luckily leaves aren’t too heavy and if they are collected through these methods at least once a week, one will have solved their autumn problem. There won’t be a pile of leaves in their yard making it ugly and inaccessible nor will there be to make leaf mold.

An alternative to manual raking is by using an automated leaf sweeper, these are discussed in much more detail at Lawn Sweeper Info. A leaf sweeper will quickly and efficiently ollect and shred leaves all in one go.

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