What Type of a Modern Low Platform Bed Should I Buy?

Coffee, sweets, laptop on a platform bedI always find that this can be a difficult question to answer as there are many different Platform beds available on the market today. The key question is who is the Platform bed for?

If it is for a younger child’s bedroom i.e. kids beds then there are platform beds that will provide comfortable place to sleep combined with a fun area to play or store things as some have have shelves styled like a bookcase and storage drawers beneath.  The obvious question would then be whether its going to be a platform bed for a girl or a platform bed for a boy as they also come in a variety of colors.

There doesn’t seem to be the range of children’s themes available like you get with the cabin Beds but the platform bed can still offer the functionality of shelving and drawer storage which is invaluable in a child’s bedroom.

If the choice of platform bed is for an older child or young adult then there are many that provide a stylish but comfortable place to sleep combined with adequate storage space suitable for clothes or games etc. Not only are platform beds a place to sleep they often become a stylish piece of furniture making the bedroom look very modern and if your an young adult a cool place to be.

Platform bed in a modern bedroom

If the choice of platform bed is for an adult there are many different options as there are many different styles. Most adults main reason for choice will be the look and style of the bed including the color and the material it is made from. But there are so many platform beds on the market that can be stylish, modern and offer something else like additional storage.

This factor can also be very influential in the decision making process and is another great way of saving on the space required to house a set of drawers or cupboards.

Whatever the choice you make will be the right choice, as the platform bed, like a sofa bed or a futon bed can be a multi-functional space saving piece of furniture regardless of the style you choose. With the current housing climate more and more people are looking at maximizing space in their existing homes and are turning from a traditional single bed frame to space saving furniture like a platform bed with a futon mattress to achieve their goal.

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