What Type Of Grill Is Right For You?

Grilling is a long-held passion for many people. Most of the enjoyment from grilling comes from the end result – for example, a beautifully grilled steak is hard to beat, and many will drool at just the thought of a grilled rack of ribs or a juicy hamburger fresh off the flames. However, there is also enjoyment in the actual activity of grilling itself. This backyard activity can be enjoyed by so many because of the wide range of grills available, from the tiniest portable grill to the monster stainless steel giants. When looking for that perfect grill, there are basically three choices: a charcoal grill, traditional gas grill, or a new infrared grill.

Charcoal Grills

A simple charcoal grill is the easiest way to get into grilling. These grills are often simple and easy-to-use, and models can be found for a very cheap price. They utilize charcoal briquettes to produce the heat for cooking. There’s something to be said for food cooked over charcoal briquettes, and some barbecue enthusiasts insist that there is no other grilling like that which is done on a charcoal grill. Food seems to take on a taste of its own when cooked over charcoal. Portable charcoal grills can be taken with you wherever you go, whether you are looking to have a picnic in the park, on the beach, or on vacation. However, there are some drawbacks to the charcoal grill. The heat on these grills is often times uneven and can be hard to regulate. It is also a pain to clean a charcoal grill when you are done cooking.

Gas Grills

Another popular option is the traditional gas grill. Most of these are mid-priced grills, but they can also be found in very nice stainless steel models that can get rather pricey. Gas grills can be quite easy to cook on because of their constant temperature. Also, most gas grills will have at least two burners, allowing you to have a hot side and a cold side when cooking. Cleaning gas grills is also relatively easy. Some will complain, however, that cooking on a gas grill does not impart the same taste to the food that a charcoal grill does.

Infrared Grills

Finally, infrared grills have become more and more popular over the last several years. The benefit of an infrared grill is the extreme temperatures you are able to achieve. These grills will get much hotter than a traditional gas grill or a charcoal grill. These extreme temperatures allow you to cook a steak that is similar to what you would receive in a fine steakhouse. The intensity of the heat offered by an infrared grill sears the outside of the meat and locks in juices. The main drawback with infrared grills is the fact that they are still quite expensive.

With so many types of grills available to consumers these days, it is easy for everyone to find the type of grill that is right for them. There are barbecue grills to fit every budget, every size family, and every “grilling philosophy”, whether you are a barbecue traditionalist that only believes in the value of some fiery charcoal briquets searing your food, or you are interested in some of the newer grilling technology, such as infrared grills, or you simply like to stick to the standard in many homes, the gas grill. No matter what type of grill you decide on, having a grill in your backyard is a “must-have” for just about everyone, ’cause nothing tastes better than food cooked outdoors on a barbecue grill.

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