What Type Of Lawn Sweeper Is The Best?

While a lawn sweeper is not something that every homeowner needs to own, having a lawn sweeper makes easy work out of clearing the lawn of leaves and other debris. Lawn sweepers are somewhat of a luxury because they are not used on a constant basis, but if you have a lawn that is covered with many leaves or a large lawn where the cleanup process is painstakingly time consuming, then a lawn sweeper can be a great garden tool to own, and one that saves you lots of time.

What exactly is a lawn sweeper, or a lawn leaf sweeper as it’s sometimes called? It’s a device that is rolled or pushed along your lawn to sweep up leaves and other loose debris in order to clean up the lawn. Lawn sweepers are similar to vacuum cleaners, but are used outdoors. Just as you would push a vacuum cleaner along the carpet to remove any loose dirt or items, you can push or tow a lawn sweeper along the grass to pick up leaves, pine needles, loose grass, and other small objects.

A lawn sweeper works by rotating a set of brushes along an axle while the device is moved across the lawn. The brushes essentially sweep up any leaves or other small debris into a hopper. The hopper contains the leaves until it fills up or you have completed the job, at which time you can empty it. The sweeper will pick up most small items, but may not pick up larger or more difficult items such as pine cones or small twigs. The shorter your lawn is cut and the flatter the surface you are pushing the lawn sweeper across, the easier it is for it to pick up loose items.

There are two main types of lawn sweepers – push lawn sweepers and tow behind lawn sweepers. A push lawn sweeper is similar to a push lawnmower. The operator of the lawn sweeper pushes it forward in order for it to move across the lawn and do its job. There are push lawn sweepers that are manual and those that are automatic. Manual push lawn sweepers require a bit of manpower to get them moving, while an automatic or powered lawn sweeper is self propelled, just like a self propelled lawn mower. Tow behind lawn sweepers can be attached to a ride-on tractor or mower. A tow lawn sweeper can be attached whenever needed or unattached when it is not.

Lawn sweepers can range in price from around $100 to hundreds of dollars, depending on whether the sweeper is a manual push model, an automatic model, or a tow model and what features it contains. Different models contain different size hoppers and options. One drawback to some lawn sweepers is that they are somewhat difficult to assemble after you bring them home, so when possible, it is best to find a retailer that will assemble it for you prior to purchase.

There are a number of companies that manufacture lawn sweepers and before purchasing one it is best to check out some lawn sweeper reviews to see which model will best suit your needs. A lawn sweeper review should tell you the model, price range, positives and negatives of any features, ease of use and assembly, how large the hopper is, how wide the coverage is, as well as any other pertinent information that you may be interested in about lawn sweepers. Reviews are a great way to get an idea of which is the best lawn sweeper for you based on your specific type of lawn as well as your budget.

Some models of lawn sweepers to consider are listed below. You will see that a number of companies that make lawn mowers also offer models of lawn sweepers as well (and some companies that make vacuum cleaners also make lawn sweepers). This list does not include every company that offers lawn sweepers, so there is a wide selection to choose from.

Lawn sweeper manufacturers:

  • Agri-Fab
  • Parker
  • Brinley Hardy
  • Huskee
  • Precision Products
  • Yardwise
  • Lambert
  • Ranch King
  • Ohio Steel
  • Craftsman
  • Hoover
  • Oreck
  • Swisher
  • John Deere

If you are looking for an easy way to clean up your lawn each fall or anytime a lot of leaves, grass, small twigs or other debris accumulate, then using a lawn sweeper can make the chore easier and can save you time. Lawn sweepers are easier to use than leaf blowers. The only thing to keep in mind is that you need a place to store your lawn sweeper when not in use, so make sure you have room in your garage, shed or other type of garden building.

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