What You Need to Install American Walnut Flooring

To install American walnut flooring or other types of plank hardwood flooring, you must have all the essential tools in your possession. Many of these, like hammers, nails, and screws are probably something you already have. But there are other and lesser-known tools that you’ll not only have to purchase or borrow but work on familiarizing yourself with as well.

Floor Leveling Compounds and Tools

If you are working on uneven ground, you will need to apply a layer of concrete first to provide a level surface for your home’s American walnut flooring. In this case, you’ll need floor leveling compounds…among other things. In case you’re unaware, floor leveling compounds are effective in filling low spots on your concrete.

Other floor leveling tools like paddle mixers and trowels are naturally important, too.

Floor Buffers

This type of tool helps you remove huge amounts of paint and drywall mud from your concrete.

Floor Scrapers

You will only need this if you are installing concrete sub floors on your home.

Floor Sealers

Sealants may be used pre or post-installation. It depends on what you wish to achieve or prevent. In any case, make sure that the sealant you purchase is specifically designed for use with plank hardwood flooring as other grades of sealers may not be as effective or long lasting.

Measurement Tools

A hygrometer, for instance, measures humidity, which is critical if you are living in a particularly humid or cold area and ill weather might damage the quality and condition of your home’s American walnut flooring. Another measurement tool you need to have is a moisture meter, which tests the moisture level for both concrete sub-flooring and plank hardwood flooring.

Nailers or Staplers

Lastly, you’ll need specially designed staplers or nailers for flooring use. This will make sure that your home’s sub-flooring and American walnut flooring are securely in place.

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