What you need to know about Television Stands

It appears to me, that no matter where you go online searching for information about television stands one thing remains the same. You get the same information regurgitated over and over again. Sure it is said in many different ways, but I mean, really, how many times do you need to hear someone tell you to make sure that television stands you are looking to purchase can stand the weight of the TV you wish to put on it? Or how many times can we be told that there are many different types of TV stands to fit our likes?

If that isn’t bad enough, we have to opposite end of the spectrum. We have online vendors of television stands who do nothing but throw advertising our way in hopes of a sale. When I go looking for a TV stand what I find is a plethora, a sea of stands that would take me months to sift through to find what I’m looking for this day. No real assistance, other than to sort the plasma TV stands according to cost or popularity. Why do I care that “Jo Dan’s Model 38476 Red Cherry Popsicle Stick corner TV stand” is a best seller? If I buy it for that reason, I might as well go back to high school where popularity contests are accepted as the norm. No, don’t give me that sales junk “it’s the most popular model” unless you want me to talk about why your wife was the most popular in high school and college, and it had nothing to do with quality, but with quantity. OK, so maybe I’m being a little harsh to the poor television stands salesman and marketing gurus of the world, but when you are making a purchase that can total well over $500 dollars I expect a little more than “this is a popular model” or “they make a great product”.

So, I’m going to reiterate in summary what almost every other television stands online article or website states (including mine) about this product.

What you need to know:

TV sets are heavy make sure your TV stand can stand the weight

There is a TV stand choice in any style or fashion you choose and here is a list…

There are several TV stands manufacturers and here is a list…

Here is a list of where you can buy television stands online… (this one is a bit more creative than the others because it led with the list)

I’m selling plasma TV stands and here is my list of offerings…

I understand that people want to sell product and that they must market it to do so, but I would love for once to see some original thought put into assisting those of us who are looking for assistance to make the right purchase for us. I would like to see that someone really cares about the product they are offering to their customers, and not just looking at them like a sale.

Every change has to start somewhere. As I was telling a friend the other day, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” is an overused cliche but there is some truth in it, even for the world of plasma TV stands. Because of this, I’m going to attempt to move my content in a helpful direction. Going forward we are going to really try to add value to what we are offering, even more than our usual attention to detail. If you have any thoughts about what you would like to see from us please visit our contacts page and let me know what you are looking for and we’ll see what we can do for you, and here is our list of them…

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