What You Need to Know When Buying Sheets

If you feel like buying sheets is something that you would rather avoid, you are certainly not alone. In most department stores, the sheer size of the linen department can intimidating, and the number of choices that are offered can make you feel like finding the right sheet for your bed is impossible. However, if you enter into your shopping trip prepared, you will find that you are not only happier with the sheets that you choose, but that you spend far less time shopping and more time enjoying your purchases.

Before you head out to the store, make sure that you know what size sheet you are looking for. Standard sizes include twin, full, queen and king. Knowing into which size category your bed fits will ensure that your sheets stay in place throughout the night. Standard sizing eliminates the need to measure your mattress, so do not worry about the exact dimensions. As long as you know the category, your sheets will fit well.

Sheets may be sold individually, or as part of a set. Most sheet sets include a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and one or two pillow shams. These sets are a good idea if you are starting from scratch, or are redecorating and would like every piece of your bed to fit. If you are replacing a sheet that has worn out or become stained, it may make more sense to buy the sheet that you need individually. Not all department stores sell individual sheets, but many online retailers do allow customers the option of buying a single fitted sheet. This is a great way to save by purchasing no more than you need.

Most sheet departments feature a number of different fabric choices in each size and style of sheet. Fabric choice is a matter of preference, comfort and budget. Cotton and synthetic blends are a good option for the budget conscious who want economical sheets and are less worried about comfort. 100% cotton sheets are also quite affordable, and tend to get even softer the more they are washed. Silk and satin sheets are among the most expensive options on the market. While these sheets are extremely comfortable and luxurious, many do not feel that they are worth the large initial investment.

Anytime that you are buying sheets, make sure that you arrive armed with information on the size, fabric and types of sheets that you will need.

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