What You Should Know About Bathroom Vanities

Depending on how you design and furnish your bathroom, it can be one of the glamorous and luxurious parts of the house. To achieve that, the incorporation of sophisticated bathroom vanities can do the trick. Instead of purchasing separate fixtures, why not invest in a vanity set that already come complete with all the essential bathroom components that you need. Normally, a bathroom vanity is comprised of a sink, mirror, faucet, and shelves as well as drawers for storage. They come in different models that vary widely in designs, styles, materials, features, and sizes. There are small vanities intended for small bathrooms while there are also large vanities that are suitable for larger bathrooms.

When purchasing one, it is critical that you note the area where you intend to place the vanity. This is critical to ascertain a perfect fit. Also, you have to determine if you want a simple vanity or one that has striking designs. A vanity can come with a bath sink and faucet, but most of the time, you need to buy them separately. However, there is no need to worry on how you will fit the sink to the vanity since they often come equipped with a sink receptacle.

Good thing vanities are sold in varying sizes in order to fit varying bathroom sizes. Apart from the size of the vanity, you also have to take note of its included features. There are models that may come equipped with mirrors and cabinets, while simpler vanities are usually sold with a sink resting on a stand featuring a minimalist design. Some can also be mounted on the wall, which is perfect for those who want to save on floor space. This kind of bathroom vanity is perfect for bathrooms with limited spaces.

Meanwhile, larger bathroom vanities typically feature drawers, cabinets, sink, and a nice countertop. They are ideal for spacious bathrooms. This kind of vanity is often seen in top-class hotels. They come in luxurious designs that can surely offer a great visual impact for any bathroom space.

As for the cost, the cheapest bathroom vanity can be purchased around $350, while a simple vanity with two sinks can be acquired at a price ranging from $800 to $1500. More elegant models will, of course, cost more than $2,000. That being said, you have to take time to do a comprehensive online research to find the best deals on bathroom vanity sets.

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