When Is It Better To Water Your Lawn?

As spring approaches, it is time to pull out the gardening tools, hoses and sprinklers. The race is on to see who will end up with the ultimate landscape by summer. People want to see color as they walk through their neighborhoods after hibernating through a cold winter and rich, lush lawns. Foliage from bulbs that were planted during the previous late summer season start to peep through. There is nothing like a parade of colorful tulips, anemones, peonies, and lilies to watch as you make your way through the community.

Spring is also a good time to purchase hanging baskets and annuals to plant as well. Impatiens, begonias, and pansies are great annuals that will endure an early spring cold snap and require little sun. In a few weeks, temperatures will start to climb, and the task of watering regularly will become necessary. Landscaping experts become busy during this season with questions like when to water your lawn, and how often fertilizer is needed.

If you know the importance of water to your lawn, you know how important it is to water early in the morning. Early morning watering allows enough water to be absorbed into the ground before it evaporates from the midday sun. A healthy lawn needs about one inch of water with each watering. Midday watering requires too much water and time because of the evaporation that occurs during the warmest part of the day, which becomes very wasteful. Many states mandate odd and even day watering, so be aware of the day it is permissible for you to water and heed any other restrictions that may also be placed on your community during drought conditions.

Sun, water and fertilizer is all that is really needed to help your landscape thrive. The importance of water to the earth and to your individual garden is a known fact. Many flowers will flourish if the soil is slightly damp most of the time, although there are some that prefer it drier because they are more drought-resistant species. Meanwhile, some plants and flowers love a lot of sun and some prefer more shady conditions. It’s important to follow the proper directions for watering and shade/sun exposure for the particular types of plants and flowers that are in your garden.

Directions will often be written on the plants seed package or pot so you’ll know what to do, otherwise your garden store assistant should be able to tell you about the best way to care for your selections.

The ultimate neighborhood lawn will have color coordination, accents and beauty. It will also be lush, vibrant and well maintained. So create a landscaping plan, follow the plan to maintain and care for your landscaping, and watch as your neighbors go as green as your lawn with envy as they walk by!

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