Where to Buy Purple Flannel Sheets

Fashion magazines and websites have declared purple as one of the most fashionable colors of the season. By adding purple flannel sheets to your bedroom, you can up the fashion quotient in the room, without investing too much money in new furniture or accessories. Finding the right shade and size can take a great deal of time, but by knowing where to look, you may be able to find the right sheets for you without visiting countless stores.

While the words fashion-forward and sheets may not seem to go together, there are a number of stores that introduce new colors and patterns each season. Often, the design concepts behind these sheets are founded in the clothing lines that are carried in their stores, so they reflect the personality and style of the shopper perfectly. For the younger shopper, stores that are geared to a youth consumer are a good first stop. There, you will find purple sheets in chic solids, as well as prints that are borrowed from printed t-shirts and cityscapes. As these stores constantly update their wares to stay on trend, great sales are ongoing, and you may be able to see significant savings on exactly the sheets that you are looking for.

Department stores with a minimal selection of sheets may not offer them in purple, particularly in the larger sheet sizes. However, if you live near a large department store, or a big box retailer who specializes in bedding and house wares, you will find a larger selection in a number of interesting colors. With their large stock, there will be no need to sacrifice quality for style. Even after you have found the look that you want, take the time to do a quick quality check. Invest in the highest thread count that you can afford, and make sure that the sheets are machine washable and 100% cotton.

The most unique patterns are often those that are vintage or vintage inspired. Small manufacturers may carry lines of sheets that are based on great vintage finds. Sheets are made in limited runs, so there is little chance that anyone in your circle of friends will independently select the same ones. Online auction sites are another good source for inexpensive vintage finds. Many are even sold in new, unopened condition.

Purple flannel sheets will help get your room more in step with the current trends at little cost to you.

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