Which Are the Best Brands of Washing Machines?

Which are the Best Brands of Washing Machines?

Washing machines are functional home appliances that have now become staples in most households. Consumers can now choose from hundreds if not thousands of washer models that come in varying sizes, types, styles, designs, and features. Although there are already a number of manufacturers producing an extensive collection of washers and dryers, it is still recommended that you opt for those who have an established name in the industry . On that note, here are some of the best brands washing machines that you should consider:


The company is not only known for producing excellent washers but they are also widely acclaimed for introducing a huge line of home appliances. In fact, Whirlpool is recognized as the biggest home appliance company in the US, and the second largest in the world. Since 1911, they have been manufacturing a great line of high-quality and premium-grade washers. Truth be told, Whirlpool have introduced some of the best top loaders in the market today.


Founded in Seoul, South Korea in 1947, LG has now become a global brand in the consumer market. For over 40 years, LG has been making efficient washers that have passed industry standards with flying colors. Each year, they continuously introduce more advanced washer models to keep up with the changing trend. LG washers and dryers are well-noted for their reliability, efficiency, good quality, and powerful performance. The most notable features of LG washers is their large load capacity as well as their stainless steel drum that prevents chipping, transferring of stains, and the formation of rust.


Established in 1914, Frigidaire is now considered as the third biggest household manufacturer in the US. For over 90 years, they have introduced a nice and huge collection of high-quality top-loading machines. These washers use Frigidaire’s patented technology, called as the Sure Spin suspension, which enables maximum water removal. Apart from that, they are also loaded with tons of helpful features, making them as one of the best choices in the market.

So, if you are really looking for quality and top-grade washing machines, make sure to checkout the brand names mentioned above to ensure a worthwhile investment!

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