Which Is The Best Professional-Grade Stand Mixer For The Home?

There are so many different kinds of stand mixer available on the market at the moment that it can be really tough to know which ones work best. Do you go for the one that the salesman recommends or do you go for the cheapest? All those gadgets and functions can be confusing so how do you choose the right stand mixer for you? Here, we are going to help you do this by giving you a few examples of stand mixers that could suit your home.

OK so you have decided that you want a stand mixer but where do you start looking? Do you go to your nearest electrical store or do you look online? And what are you looking for anyway? Stand mixers have so many different functions and buttons that it can be really hard to know what you are supposed to be looking for and what is right for you. So the first thing to consider is how many speeds you want. If you are using your mixer for an all purpose bake then you are going to need at least 10 speeds. Don’t worry about what the speeds mean because you will be given the recommended use for them in the manual (for example speed 3 is suited to beating eggs). When you have found one with more than 10 speeds then you need to check how powerful the motor is. 600 watts is enough to knead even the toughest of dough so look for a high wattage.

If you are going to be using your mixer every day then you may want to think about upgrading to a professional grade mixer. This kind of mixer will speed up your cooking time and will make jobs so much easier. It is also much bigger in capacity and comes with more accessories such as a chopping blade and mincer option. Some of these accessories will have to be bought separately but all Kitchenaid mixers come with a wire whip, dough hook and flat beater as standard. The beauty of Kitchenaid products is that they look so much nicer sat on your counter top compared to other, more bulkier appliances. With a range of colors, you will never be bored of your stainless steel look again. You can buy them in pink, blue, green, in fact any color you could imagine to compliment the fact that you will be using it every day!

If you have decided that a professional grade stand mixer might suit your home better then why not take the time to read some home products reviews before you decide to spend a large sum of money on a stand mixer that you know nothing about. Take the time to research your product before you invest and you will be happy that you have got a good deal that suits you.

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