Which Rose Is The Easiest To Grow?

For avid gardeners, when spring comes around they can’t wait to get out in the garden and start planting. A plant that is a perennial favorite of gardeners is the majestic rose. With its beauty and fragrance, the rose has held its reputation as being one of the most popular plants to grow.

Some folk feel that roses are rather difficult to grow, but there has been great progress in the breeding of roses over the years and breeders are bringing out ones that are now easier to grow, like the family of knock out roses. These have been touted as one of the easiest rose plants to grow and maintain, and from feedback from those growing them, they are living up to that reputation.

Knock out roses are one of the most widely sold varieties of roses in North America, and that is testament to their popularity. It’s a small bushy floribunda that grows about 4 foot high and is supposed to be quite hardy and versatile. Knock out roses are supposed to have strong disease resistance and hardiness, which makes them sound like the ideal rose to grow.

The breeders say that they don’t need deadheading, but if you want more flowers rather than rose hips on these bushes, it’s a good idea to get rid of the spent flowers to enable the plant to put out more flowers. Some people get a little nervous about pruning knock out roses, worrying whether they are doing it right, but these plants only require a light prune to keep the bush in good shape.

As with all roses, you want to be sure to prepare the soil well before planting your knock out rose and be sure to put them in a position where they will get at least 5 hours of sun per day. They are supposed to be shade tolerant, so it may be worth testing out to see how they do in the shade, however, if you can, it would be more beneficial to the plant to position it where it gets a good amount of sun each day. Also make sure the area you are going to plant the roses in is well drained. Roses hate wet feet and don’t do well in poorly drained soils.

So, if you are just starting out growing roses, choosing a variety like knock out roses might be a good place to start, since they are generally easier to grow and to maintain than some other types of roses. Then as you start to feel more confident in your ability as a gardener, you can begin to expand into other rose varieties as well, filling your garden with beautiful sights and smells.

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  1. PRUNING TIP: As your rose bush blooms, prune back the branches as the flowers expire. By employing this method, it is easy to keep the shrub tidy and fresh looking as well as shaping it without sacrificing any flowers. Those rose bushes that are ever blooming will gladly produce new buds in the places you have pruned back.

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