Why a Convection Microwave Is an Improvement Over a Standard One

If you are in the market for a new microwave oven, consider upgrading to a convection microwave. Though they are roughly the same size and shape of traditional microwaves, they offer a number of features that older models do not. If the main function of your home microwave is reheating leftovers, you will find that this machine can do that just as well as your old, without making bread products soggy and stale tasting. Designed using many of the principals at work in a full sized convection oven, these machines will cook quickly, evenly and produce delicious tasting foods.

Of course, convection microwaves can still perform all the same functions that their predecessors did. It is well suited to quickly heating food, and one will find that the times listed on microwave dinners still hold true for this newer model. However, one will also have the chance to set the microwave to a convection setting, which will enable the hot air to move evenly around the food. When this setting is engaged, it becomes less necessary to regularly rotate your food throughout the cooking process. Not only that, but one will also find that there are fewer spots that have remained frozen or cold when the food has been removed.

In some cases, these ovens will represent a somewhat larger investment than a standard microwave. However, as they are also capable of functioning as a faster convection oven, they are far more functional and may even be used for cooking meals. In spite of the fact that they will take up no more space on your counters, they will be able to pull double duty when cooking.

A convection microwave oven represents a vast improvement over the microwaves of old. Gone are the days when food leaving the microwave would be unevenly heated and overly dry or soggy.

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