Why Choose Outdoor Solar Lights?

Solar lights provide many benefits to homeowners. The combination of solar power and outdoor lighting comes together perfectly to create an environmentally friendly and cost effective way to light your home at night by harnessing the power of the energy created during the day. Outdoor solar lights can be used in many locations around the house and come in many different styles and types of lights, so no matter where you need lighting, you are sure to find a style of solar lighting to fit your needs.

When it comes to solar light choices, your selection these days is almost as vast as if you were choosing from traditional electric powered lights. You can choose from among solar garden lights, solar landscape lights, solar deck lights, solar patio lights, solar security lights, solar driveway lights, and more. In fact, you can now even find solar powered lights for pools or a solar shed light to brighten up the inside of your storage space, so there is almost no kind of light you may need for outdoor use that does not come in a solar powered model.

So what are the benefits to solar lights in comparison to electric powered lights of similar models? Well, of course there is the obvious benefit which is that solar powered lights do not use electricity. Therefore, they are good for the environment because they do not rely on fossil fuels or combustible energy in order to run. They are also kind to your wallet. Although solar power lights may cost a bit more up front to purchase than their electrically powered counterparts, the cost savings to run them quickly adds up and the savings outweigh the additional cost in almost no time.

One reason that the electrical savings adds up so quickly is that most outdoor solar lighting stays on from sundown to sunrise, which is a long time to keep lights on. Unlike indoor lights, which you typically turn on when you enter a room and turn off when you leave, solar powered landscape lighting is usually set to go on when the sun goes down and to remain on all night long in order to keep the outside of the house lit up until the sun rises again the next morning. Depending on the time of year it is and where you live, that can be in the neighborhood of 8 to 14 hours, which adds up to a lot of electricity for electric powered lights!

In addition to the energy and cost savings of solar lights, there is also the added benefit of how easy it is to install the lights. Installing solar landscape lighting or any other type of solar lighting is a breeze because there are no electric wires to run or hookup. That means that you also can save a great deal of money because you do not need to hire an electrician to install solar lights. You can just follow the directions to install the lights wherever you need them and then set up the solar panel to collect the needed energy according to the directions. Some types of solar powered lights have the solar panels or solar photo cells built right into the light itself so there is nothing else to set up, and in other models there is a separate solar collector that must be set up in conjunction with the light to power the light.
solar lightsAnother great benefit to installing solar lights outside is that they are not only easy to install initially, but they are easy to move around if you change your mind about where you want them. All that you need to do is remove the light from one location and place it in the new desired location and you’re all set to go. You are not committed to keeping lights in certain locations just because that is where the wiring is. This makes it easy to use a few solar yard lights to light up various locations when you need them well lit and then to move them around if you find another location that could make better use of the lights.

One very popular option these days is to install solar security lights. The reason for this is two-fold. For one, a solar security light stays on from sundown to sunrise and you don’t have to worry about a timer malfunctioning or a power outage causing your home to be shrouded in darkness because most are set up with an automatic sensor to turn on when the light is too dim and to turn off when it becomes bright enough. Another benefit is that if would-be intruders want to make themselves less noticeable, they can cut the power supply to an electric powered security light so that it does not shine on them as they make their way towards your home, but it is not as easy for them to dim a solar powered security light so the outside of your home stays lit – and safe – all night long.

In addition to the permanent solar lights that you may place around your yard, garden, landscaping, patio, pool, driveway or walkways, there are also more temporary types of solar lights that you can use only for certain occasions.

For example, solar Christmas lights are a great way to light up your home for the holidays without keeping the electric meter spinning. Or, if you are having a party and want to add a festive touch to your outside space, you can find solar party lights, solar patio string lights, or even solar powered lantern lights that can be hung around the deck or patio, from the trees, or along the side of your home to add to the party atmosphere. You can even find solar powered patio umbrella lights that attach to your patio umbrella to add some ambience after dark!

There are many benefits to using solar lights around the outside of your home and the selection of lights you now have available to choose from are almost as extensive as the selection of electric powered lights you have always been able to choose from. And as we all continue to become more conscious of our impact on the environment, the styles of solar lights available to consumers will just to continue to increase, providing us with all the outside lighting possibilities we need to brighten up the night with an eye toward preserving the earth.

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