Why Choose Tyent under the Counter Water Ionizers

With the amount of pollution and contamination taking place with water today, it is not uncommon to have high levels of acidity levels in their blood. It is indeed detrimental to all body functions and all the water drink better be ionizers. Fortunately, you can find many water ionizers to do just that such as the Tyent under the counter water ionizer.

On the flip side, the presence of hundreds of choices for alkaline water ionizers means that a lot of them are really not as effective as others. Others are not as durable as you would like because of the material that they are built out of. Other considerations that come into play are size of the ionizer, whether it is portable or not, how much power it consumes etc.

How it works

To under how to choose a good water ionizer, it is important that you first understand how a water ionizer works. Water coming out from your tap is typically acidic due to a variety of reasons. A water purifier will, using methods such as activated charcoal, filter out whatever minerals it can. However, the insoluble minerals that are good for your health also get filtered and you get less than optimal water.

What alkaline water ionizers do to is separate the acidic elements and the alkaline elements of water and serve you the latter. From here, water molecules get converted into ions which have a negative charge, by using appropriate voltage which is determined by a processor. Ionized water molecules act as wonderful antioxidants for your body and thus are very good for health.

Plate material

From the above description, you will know that the ionized plates are the most important part of a water ionizer. These should typically be made of titanium and more importantly coated with platinum. You will find many such ionizers which tout their titanium make, however, these won’t last you for more than a year if they are not properly coated with platinum.

Also the thicker the plates, the more they will purify your water and the longer they will last. For instance, Tyent under the counter water ionizers typically come with thicker plates than most others. These ionizers are on the expensive side. However, they last longer and hence are greater value for money in the long term.

Also, the number of ionizing plates that is fitted into the ionizer also plays a big role in purifying your water. As a rule, the more plates there are, the better it is at doing its job. Most of the ionizers come with about 3-4 plates. If you choose under the counter ionizers, they can have as many as 8-10 plates. They obviously do a much better job than portable ionizers.

Power Consumption

The next thing to look for in a water ionizer is how much power it consumes. This is, for most people, a confusing criterion. On the one hand, an ionizer that consumes more power does a much better job of alkalizing your water and making it healthier. On the other hand, it can burn a hole in your pocket through your electricity bills.

You will have to strike a balance between the two things. In general look for an ionizer that consumes around 250-300 watts of power. That number is not exactly low, but it is necessary especially if it has more plates. Some such as the Tyent under the counter water ionizer do come with 9 ionizing plates and thick ones at that.


All water ionizers come with filters which retain the harmful contents of water before the ionizing plates do their work. These filters don’t last forever. Most of them will have to be replaces every 5-6 months. However, these filters are not of the highest quality. The best filters filter water better and clean themselves after some time. They can last for as much as 12 months.

These filters are somewhat expensive, but you are more concerned with making your water healthier. When you are shopping around for water ionizers, look for those which come pre-fitted with good quality filters. Some, such as the HI-999U under the counter extreme, will even provide you with an extra filter or two which means that don’t need to spend on filters for the next 3 years or so.

The better filters available in the market are made of high quality carbon and ceramic. Some of the filters are made by combining both ceramic and carbon. There are some ionizers that actually provide two filters which purify your tap water to a much higher degree. The best quality ionized water has a pH of around 8-9. This is slightly alkaline which makes it a very good antioxidant.

Other features

Other things that you can look for in a good alkaline water ionizer are features such as ease of use. If you have opted for an under the counter model such as the Tyent Under the counter water ionizer and others, then you might want to see if it comes with a remote control so that you don’t have to work hard just to change the voltage and in general, control the ionizer.

For example, the ionizer mentioned above comes with an iPhone like remote control with touch screen controls et al. these are not necessary features of course, but it is nice to have. Also, might want to see if the model you choose has automatic controls.

Many ionizers in the market today are completely automated right from deciding the right voltage to turning the water off after a specific period of time to avoid overflow of water. Such features make your life much easier.

In the end, no matter which model you choose research online and be sure that it is really the best ionizer that fits your needs. I for one would heartily recommend the Tyent under the counter water ionizer for almost all needs. That is, if you are not looking for a portable ionizer.

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