Why Do People Use Extra Long Shower Curtains?

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These days, people take more care of their bathrooms and keep them very neat and clean. They also see to it that the room is decorated properly according to the home decor. All the accessories and other details are chosen with great care to ensure that the overall appearance is rewarding. One of the main attractions in a bathroom is the shower curtains. Some of them like to use extra long shower curtains for various reasons.

Reasons for Using Long Curtains

There are several reasons why some of them like to use these curtains. Some members of the family may be very tall. They prefer to use the curtain which can hide their head well. Sometimes the shower heads are mounted in a higher location making it necessary for long drapes. If you wish to hide some details of the bathroom like an exposed plumbing, unattractive tub surrounds etc use this curtain. By hanging a long shower curtain you can also enhance the overall beauty of the bathroom. All these are some of the common reasons for using this type of curtains.

Design Choices

There are numerous types of designs and colors to choose from. You can choose colors and patterns according to your home decor. You can also make use of matching fixtures and accessories to have a unique looking stylish bathroom. The longer than normal curtains are available in standard sizes which are about 72″ wide x 84″, 96″, 108″ and 120″ long. You may choose as per your bathroom requirements. You can easily find them in your local stores or get them online too.

If you would like to continue your research please do so by clicking the embedded links and you will be directed to Conranspedia – a web resource dedicated to extra long shower curtains.

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