Why Fallen Leaves Can Pose Dangers To Your Yard

Autumn leaves are a lovely sight to some of us. It is the mark of winter season coming ahead for those who look forward to the holidays that winter brings. These brown and golden pictures at the lawns of many our homes can only be as beautiful as they can get when they are new, or when the leaves have just freshly fallen. This is when they yet crispy and fun to walk on.

But rains accompany autumn so that after a good downpour, the leaves will sooner or later become some brown slushy piles on the ground. A few more rains, and you still fail to collect or clean them up, it can really turn into something bad as a slippery lawn and a trip hazard for your family or pedestrians alike. The dangers of leaves on the ground also include not only the risk of tripping and slipping even to the most able person. They can be potential hazards for the elderly too, or those with physical or eyesight infirmities. They can pretty cover up potholes and curbs on the ground so that they are obscured or not seen at all.

Aside from that, mushed piles of fallen leaves also make the road slippery enough to pose danger to cyclists and motorists. It will be difficult to drive on because it will be like you are driving on ice. One has to be careful with the dicey road mixed with some twigs and scruffy branches protruding along the way. Fallen leaves shall also make a lawn unkempt and may even result to lawn damage if not dealt with right away. It will result to suffocating the lawn with anything that grows in it, such as grass. Not being alert as to cleaning your lawn up, the danger and damage might just be not worth it.

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