Why Filter Air Purifiers Are Better Than Filterless

There is much debate about which type of air purifier is best for home use. Currently there are about five different technologies but the most popular models use only two kinds of technology. This is what we will discuss because portable or room air purifiers are what most people choose to buy. They require no kind of installation and are relatively inexpensive especially when comparing them to systems that cost thousands of dollars and require internal ducts. The two technologies you will come across are electrostatic precipitator filterless air cleaners and cleaners that have a HEPA filter.

People automatically assume that any device that is filter less is better. They think of filters as being a hassle to maintain and clean. Unfortunately this is true to some extent but the main reason why people buy air purifiers is to clean the air in their home. With this in mind, a little hassle should be tolerated if your breathing and allergies improve. First let us explain how these two technologies work. Air purifiers that are filter less and use electrostatic precipitator electronically charges the air or passage in which the pollutant particles passes through. This effectively neutralizes the dirty particle and captures it on a plate which collects the pollutants. This plate is then cleaned from time to time and reinserted inside the air purifier.

The problem with method is that there are particles that are too minuscule and as a result escape. Another problem with electrostatic precipitator air cleaners is that they emit ozone. And while the ozone layer is a good thing for our planet, it can be detrimental to our well being on ground level. A Hepa air purifier on the other hand does not emit ozone and is more effective at capturing and collecting pollutants because the filter has sieves that trap even the smallest of particles. These pollutants are measured in microns and a hepa filter can trap particles that are as small as .03 micron. This is important if you are suffering from allergies caused by dust or pollen. The choice is yours and you should take the time to read as much as you can on these two very different technologies. Personally an air purifier with a hepa filter works best for me because it cleans the air in my home without emitting harmful ozone in the process.

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