Why Install Bahama Shutters?

Bahama shutters are a popular feature on homes in the south. They are external shutters that offer protection against storms and hurricanes and that also are use for decorative purposes. They are attached to the top of the window framing and open out and up at an angle, forming a type of awning. Many people leave their shutters open all the time, only shutting them when there is a storm approaching.

There are many good reasons for installing Bahama shutters. First of all, they look great on certain styles of homes. They also add to a homes’ value, and as such are often a great asset to add to a home. They do not replace internal window treatments but are normally used in addition to blinds, shades or curtains however once installed they will usually last many years.

Perhaps the greatest benefit is that Bahama shutter hardware really does offer protection during bad storms or hurricanes. While most windows, especially in hurricane areas, are made from shatter-proof glass, windows can still break in or objects thrown through the air can still smash through a glass window. Closing shutters during a storm will prevent this from happening unless, of course, it is an extremely strong storm. Rain is also often very torrential during a hurricane with it frequently approaching from a side angle. Shutters will help to minimize rain damage as well.

They can also help to reduce electricity bills, by keeping your home cooler during hot summer days. If the shutters are closed during the heat of the day they do help keep the inside temperature down by a few degrees. If you run an air conditioner you will find it less expensive to operate if you limit the heat coming into the house from outside during the day.

While this is not an extensive update all about blinds, there are several different styles available, and the choice will really most likely be a matter of preference. Whatever you decide, remember to get all the same style of window shutters for your home as mixing styles around does not look that great to those looking at your house from outside.

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