Why Its so Important to Hire a Licensed Plumber?

Many consumers are always looking for ways to cut costs when it comes to plumbing repairs and frequently opt to either do the tasks on their own or seek the services of a neighborhood handyman. There are several reasons why hiring a licensed plumber is almost always your better option.

Why Do It Yourself Doesn’t Always Work

Licensed plumber in a bathroomWhile doing the job themselves may work out alright for small repair jobs, larger plumbing repair jobs or installation jobs are almost always best handled by a professional licensed plumber. Reading instructions on plumbing repair on the internet or from a book doesn’t necessarily qualify you to do the repairs yourself, neither does soliciting installation advice from the sales person at your neighborhood home improvement store. While the repair or installation may simple simple enough, they are rarely so.

But My Next Door Neighbor Can Do It

Even though your local handyman may charge a lower hourly rate than a licensed plumber, his limited knowledge of plumbing techniques and repair processes may hinder his ability to effectively provide the services you need. Also, if your local handyman is doing work under the table for some extra cash, that means any work he is providing is not guaranteed or covered under any type of warranty. While the lower costs may be initially appealing, the aftermath of the repairs are not always as enticing.

Benefits of a Licensed Plumber

One of the primary benefits of hiring a licensed plumber is they are guaranteed to have the training, expertise, and experience needed to perform the job correctly. A licensed plumber almost always works for a larger company or runs a business of their own. Because of this, they will offer some type of guarantee and warranty for a specified time period on any work they do. They will also carry liability insurance that protects your house from any damage that may occur during or as a result of the repairs being done.

Licensed plumber with a customer

It’s true that hiring a licensed plumber may cost a bit more. Just keep in mind that the quality of work you receive, the guarantee of service that is included, and the knowledge that your belongings are protected by external liability coverage your personal homeowner’s policy may not cover are almost always enough to justify the extra cost.

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