Why Licensed Plumbers Are So Expensive?

Licensed plumber to the resqueIn the age of the do it yourself homeowner, many consumers think they by reading some directions on the internet, or having a five minute conversation with the minimum wage employee at their local home improvement store, that they are fully qualified to perform any type of plumbing repair their house may need.

Many homeowners, however, found out once they’ve already started a project just how far in over their heads they’ve gotten and have to resort to calling in the pros. One of the biggest concerns they have though is the cost associated with hiring a professional plumber. There are several valid reasons why plumbers must and are able to charge the rates they do.

Licensing Time and Costs

Any licensed plumber with a master plumber certification has gone through extensive testing and training in order to obtain that qualification. The certificate also requires an extensive amount of work experience before it can be obtained. The time alone involved with becoming a certified master plumber is so substantial that they remain in very high demand across the nation, naturally causing a premium price to be associated with their

Liability Costs

What many homeowners fail to recognize is that licensed plumbers are often required to carry a substantial amount of costly liability insurance. This coverage not only protects the quality of work they do, it also covers any damage that may occur to your home or themselves while doing repairs on your property. Just as high malpractice insurance rates cause doctors to raise their service fees, increased liability coverage for plumbers in Georiga has the same effect on their overall rates.

Warranty Coverage

Plumbing toolsUnlike any projects you try to do yourself, a plumber’s work is almost always covered by some type of warranty or guarantee of service. If, for example, a plumber fixes a leaky bathtub faucet for you, and three days later it starts leaking again, chances are he will come back and repair it again for free.

Almost all licensed plumbers carry some period of warranty on their work that helps ensure quality service. It also protects consumers from spending a significant amount of money on plumbing repairs, only to have them broken again in a few days time.

So, while it may seem like a great cost saver to try and do complex plumbing repairs yourself, by understanding the benefits to hiring a professional, as well as the reasoning behind the fees they charge, you may be able to save yourself a lot of time and avoid a major headache (or flooded house) by calling in the pros from the start.

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