Why The Classic Backless Bar Stool Is Still A Top Choice

No home would be complete without the classic backless bar stool. Popular in establishments from UK pubs to every tavern in America, it’s a decor staple at diners, lunch counters, and soda shops everywhere.

Wood backless bar stools in the home contribute to a relaxed, casual ambiance similar to that in the corner bar. Since the 50s, stools have graced dens, wet bars, and recreational spaces with their practical, polished appearance. Imagine the elegance brought to that same room by using leather backless bar stools, for a more upscale look.

Many homes feature swivel backless bar stools to furnish an informal dining area, such as along the kitchen bar top. This sort of seating truly lends itself to social gatherings for homeowners who love to entertain. Guests can feel at ease and at home, able to enjoy a welcoming meal and turn around easily to join in the conversation.

In the 70s, stools became great economical space savers for singles living in city apartments. They are perfect choices for low maintenance living. For those who want a more elegant appearance, a simple choice such as black backless bar stools dress up any room.

The trend favoring a fun, relaxed interior continued from the 70s and into the 80s. The popularity of backless bar stools blended well in a multitude of decorating styles.

For homeowners with bars in their basement room, these high stools are a necessity. Many ranch homes have great cellar space, and whether used as a game room, family room, or if rented as an efficiency space, bar stools continue to save on money and space.

The breakfast bar is still going strong in many homes. Counter tops in the kitchen have become a service bar, and rather than gather around the traditional round table for the first meal of the day, families are lining up along the kitchen bar seated on stylish stools.

Consider the space saving backless bar stool for you home decor. Elegance and utility can go hand in hand.

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