Wire Closet Organizer Kits and Systems Guide

Wire Closet Organizer KitsThere are several Closet Organization systems to help establish some kind of order in your closets at home. One of the ways to do that is with a wire closet organizer. These systems are very popular and mostly used as a bedroom closet organizer.

They are also used in many other areas of the home including kitchen pantries, bedroom closets, linen closets and even garage storage. The wire organizers provide a cheap and easy solution to an ever growing problem within most families homes.

Garment storage is always a concern and wire closet organizers can help alleviate that stress by utilizing hangers, wire shelving for storage and wall mount hooks for belts, hats and even jackets:

  1. The wire shelves are mounted using shelf support braces and the entire system is mounted with joiner support brackets.
  2. Shelf support clips attach to the poles for added mounting security so the heavier wardrobes don’t end up on the floor where they used to be.
  3. Finally for added security there is a support pole that attaches to the wire shelving and stabilizes the system as long as that pole is attached to the studs in the wall.

These wire closet systems must be mounted to the existing studs in the wall otherwise your wire closet organizer will end up in the floor guaranteed.

One of the most common ways to incorporate a wire closet system is by hanging wire racks and drawers to store some of your essentials.

Wire shelf dividers make for a very useful way to organize your items as well as utilize the available room left in your closet. This is a much cheaper way to organize because you can buy pieces at a time as you need them rather than buying bulk shelving or storage bins.

Wire Closet OrganizerThere are many places to find wire closet organizers and any of your major department stores will have all the accessories you need to get your closet going in the right organized direction:

  • Walmart and Target are probably the most economical stores to have a plentiful selection of wire shelving and racks.
  • Lowes and Home Depot also have many options as far as wire closet organizers but are a little more expensive from what I have seen.

Obviously the most selection offered is on the internet and they will typically have the best prices by far. To find the right wire closet organizer to fit your needs make sure you research brands with high feedback ratings and you will be on your way to have what we all need which is closet organizers.

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