Wooden Garage Doors Create An Elegant And Inviting Entry

Wooden garage doors add an elegance and beauty to a home. They express that the homeowner not only has excellent taste, but also appreciates quality workmanship. Wooden garage doors come in many different styles with a variety of wood trims to match the exterior features of any home. They are versatile in that they can look contemporary, modern, or antique depending on the homeowner’s taste and style.

A garage door made of wood creates an inviting entrance to any home. The style is quite popular and appealing as it changes the look of a house from ordinary to extraordinary. Wood garage doors are handcrafted and custom made to meet the approval of the homeowner. They are available in various styles of wood including cedar, mahogany, or teak and can be designed to match the trim of the house and front entryway. Adding accessories such as wood trim creates a unique look that ensures originality. These doors can be built to meet various sized garage openings and are custom built to fit any height or width.

A very popular style is the carriage house style which gives a home an antique look that is unique and creates a charm of a past time. A carriage house style symbolizes the elegance of an old world design, but with modern amenities. A carriage house style wooden door is a wonderful accent to a modern or a historical home. For an even more antique look, the doors can be made of reclaimed wood or can be designed to look more modern depending on the taste and style of the homeowner.

Accents such as hardware accessories and window designs create a unique and individual look that complements the home. Window designs can be custom made to match the windows that are already on the home, creating a look that appeals to the owner’s aesthetics. Hardware can also be designed to match other details on the home, or can create an entirely new look.

A garage door made of wood operates just like a standard garage door. It comes in an assortment of styles such as the standard roll up, a sliding door, tri-fold, or swing. Deciding which type of style to choose depends greatly on space and personal taste. A wooden garage door adds a unique and tasteful design to any home and is custom made to fit any style, any home, and any budget.

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