Wooden TV Stands – another choice for audio/video furniture

Wooden TV stands are another choice you have in the never ending ocean of audio/video furniture. If you have been spending any time on this site, then you are no stranger to the fact there are many, many different styles available including corner TV stands for flat screen TVs, Plasma TV stands, and the basic corner TV stand . Well, the wooden TV stand is, of course, one of the most classic of all styles, and we felt it needed some individual attention to set it apart from the never ending barrage of home entertainment furniture. As you will soon come to see, they may be in a class all by themselves able to rise above the others.

There is nothing that can quite convey the style a good to great quality piece of wooden furniture can add to any space. Even for the low end models, wood is used to convey characteristics of strength and beauty. Even if it is just particle board with laminate over the top, it still says “quality” in our subconscious because we all have a fairly good knowledge of the aspects and utility of wood. If we take a quality step up from the low end of the spectrum, we begin to really see the benefits of wooden furniture.

When you take a piece of beautifully colored hardwood and shape it into a functional piece of an entertainment system you get a product that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. As I start to ramble on about the beauty of a deep cherry or a light maple and you start to think about them you can almost envision how it would feel to the touch. That’s the first thing we do to test quality, isn’t it? That’s right you will run your finger across it and feel how smooth the finish is, and the men will gently press on them as to convince themselves that there are no defects in the magnificent work of art you see before you. And that is just how amazing they can be. They can have you dreaming of them well before you even step onto the show room.

It can easily be said that some of the most visually stunning and eye pleasing stands are made from wood. You will find that there are always some of the more technologically innovative models which are constructed out of the composite and more modern materials. However, I have seen few that are anywhere as visually amazing as some of the reclaimed wooden television stands by Green Tea Design, who use reclaimed wood from throughout the world to build their products. So if you are one who likes to “Go Green” this very well could be a product for you. Like most things though, it will cost you to do the right thing. A reclaimed wooden TV stand can run you in the neighborhood of $1500 to $2000. Ouch! Saving the earth can sure hurt the pocketbook.

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