Yard Lighting Options

One of the easiest ways to add to the exterior décor of your home is by adding yard lighting. Outdoor yard lighting consists of any type of lighting that you would put in your yard, whether it is the front yard, backyard, or side yards and it includes such lighting as walkway lighting, driveway lighting, patio lighting, deck lighting, garden lighting, and other types of landscape lighting. Yard lights can run the gamut from small and inconspicuous lights used to merely cast a pool of light so that visitors can find their way, to dramatic and elegant light fixtures that really make a statement and add a decorative touch all their own.

There are a number of yard lighting options available for homeowners. The first main option to consider when choosing among the many yard lighting selections is how you want to power your yard light. Here are a few of the differences:

Solar yard lighting – Solar yard lights are becoming increasingly more and more popular as homeowners consider the effect of their energy consumption on the environment. Solar powered yard lights are powered by the sun. A small solar panel absorbs the sun’s energy by day and stores it in a battery for use to power the lights at night. Most types of solar yard lights contain LED bulbs, which cast a high powered beam of light with very minimal energy consumption, making a solar yard light a good option whether you need bright light or dim light. In the past, solar yard lighting was known for only casting minimal lighting, but with advances in technology, the lights are brighter and stay on longer than ever before. They are also less expensive to buy than they once were, making them an economical yard lighting option. A solar yard light is also easy to install, since there is no wiring to contend with.

Low voltage yard lighting – Low voltage yard lights are easy to install, are inexpensive and utilize minimal amounts of electricity. Most low voltage lights come in sets, with a number of lights that can be installed around an area (such as along a walkway or driveway or around a patio) and then the wiring for each yard light attaches to a small transformer that converts the regular electrical current into a low voltage current. This means that homeowners can install the lights themselves without the need for a licensed electrician and the lights are relatively safe. They are also energy efficient.

LED yard lighting – When it comes to yard lighting, most now include LED (light emitting diode) bulbs, rather than incandescent ones. This is because LED bulbs provide more light using less energy, and they are also longer lasting (they can last as much as 50,000 to 100,00 hours!). LED yard lights are more durable and less fragile, being more resistant to heat, cold and impact. Some types of yard lighting, such as outdoor spot lights, may also use halogen or fluorescent light bulbs, but LED lighting is becoming increasingly more and more popular.

Gas yard lighting – Gas yard lights are a quaint and charming way to light up your yard. These lighting fixtures offer the opportunity to use natural gas or LP to provide a warm and flickering light in your yard. Most gas yard lighting consists of hanging lanterns, in copper, bronze, aluminum or metal and they provide a very distinct look to your exterior space. Some models come with electronic gas safety starters. These lights are some of the most decorative yard lights available.

Aside from the type of power used for yard lights, you also have many options as to what types of lighting you want to use and where you want to place them. You can add outdoor accent lighting to enhance various features in the yard, such as an interesting tree or water feature. You can have one yard light pole with a decorative lantern set in the front of the house, along the driveway or near a walkway to make a welcoming statement to visitors and to light the path to the front of the house. You can install a set of driveway lights along the edge of the driveway to add interest and safety. You can install outdoor flood lights, spot lights, post lights, string lights, or inground lights to highlight different elements of your landscape and unique features in your yard, while also providing light where needed for safety and security.

When it comes to yard lighting, you have a great many options to choose from and you can mix and match different types of outside lighting to create the look that best suits your home, your decorating style, and your safety and security needs.

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