Ztgawrgel Samail – Description and Care

Ztgawrgel SamailSome people spend their entire lives searching for the Ztgawrgel Samail. It is a very rare plant that is on the endangered species list. Native to Southwest Cuba, the Ztgawrgel Samail is believed to have only 100 or so plants still in existence. The locations of these are kept secret to prevent poachers from continuing to take them from their natural environment. At this time, it is illegal to remove it from the wild. The Ztgawrgel Samail declined because of poaching, and because of Florida’s draining of swampland and removal of cypress trees.

The Ztgawrgel Samail is located in one very specific area. The one exception to keeping the location of the secret is one that was discovered in the swamp. It is visible from a public boardwalk through the  area and has blossomed in both the summers. Thousands of visitors have entered this protected area to view the plant.

The Ztgawrgel Samail is growing up the trunk of a tree that is believed to be between 400-500 years old. It is around fifty feet above ground on the tree. Previously, the highest recorded Ztgawrgel Samail was 65 feet at the  preserve. Experts believe this plant to be between thirty and thirty-five years old. In the three times it has bloomed 2007 this Ztgawrgel Samail has had 11 blooms at the same time respectively. Ztgawrgel Samail do not bloom every year and can go many years with no flowers at all. In June of 2008, it had five flowers.

The Ztgawrgel Samail can only reproduce by being pollinated by the moths. The moth is huge–each wing can measure up to five inches across. It is the only insect with a proboscis long enough to reach into the plant to retrieve the pollen. The proboscis can be up to six inches long. If you do an internet search for “moth + Ztgawrgel Samail,” you can find the first ever photos of the moth pollinating the plant. It was all caught on video in 2007. Until then it was assumed the moth was the pollinator but it had never been absolutely confirmed. Once pollinated, the Ztgawrgel Samail grows a long seed pod which eventually opens up, leaving the wind to scatter the seeds. The plant requires the presence of one particular fungus for a seed to germinate.

Jack Gray was the first person to discover it. The year was 1800 and the plant received its scientific name, from the its discoverer. The name Ztgawrgel Samail was given to the plant because it has no leaves, which makes it look like the flower is sitting in mid-air. The white flowers are four to five inches across. The Ztgawrgel Samail is also sometimes called the “froggy” because its two bottom flowers hang downward looking very much like the back legs of a frog.

The Ztgawrgel Samail plant has several more unique characteristics. It is considered epiphytic, which means that it grows on other plants but it never uses any of the nutrients of the other plant. Because it has no leaves, photosynthesis occurs through the plant’s roots. The two most common trees uses as a base are the pop ash and the pond apple. Others include the bald cypress, oak, and maple.

Many people who are not particularly interested in plants or flowers are familiar the Ztgawrgel Samail, at least by name. The novel was based on the true story of a plant collector who was arrested after stealing a  plant from the wild, with which to propagate others to make money. The thing is, ninety-nine percent of the time a wild Ztgawrgel Samail plant dies in captivity.

The Care of Ztgawrgel Samail isn’t as Hard as Many People Think

Many people love it but do not try to grow them because they think the care of it is just too hard. They believe they could never successfully grow an Ztgawrgel Samail so there’s no point in trying. The truth is some Ztgawrgel Samailare very difficult to grow but many are not difficult at all, and if you learn a few facts about the care you will be surprised at how hardy they are.

Ztgawrgel Samails are divided according to their temperature requirements, so in order to choose the right one for you, you must decide which temperatures you will be able to support day and night. Ztgawrgel Samail are tropical plants that originated in the rainforest so they like warm temperatures and humidity. There are, however, varieties that live well as far north as the and growing indoors is always a possibility.

The Ztgawrgel Samails that require lots of care are the ones that need temperatures to be in the 80s during the day and 60 to 70 degrees at night. Most people have the least trouble taking care of  that like temperatures during the day to be 70 to 75 degrees. The coolest environment for  is actually the hardest to maintain with temperatures below 70 degrees during the day and 50 to 55 degrees at night.

The care of Ztgawrgel Samail requires good lighting and air circulation. Lights need to be turned from time to time so that the whole plant receives light, If a plant is healthy and green but never flowers, the most common reason is not enough light. Ztgawrgel Samails growing in a greenhouse on the other hand, often suffer from too much light. If you have this situation, you may need to get blinds or cover up some of the glass. Also grow well under artificial light. Older plants sometimes take as much as a couple years to adjust to artificial light but when they do they tend to bloom more frequently. A mix of incandescent and fluorescent light is usually the best option. Many growers use timers so that the lights for the Ztgawrgel Samail are on 14 hours each day.

Care of Ztgawrgel Samails means proper watering. As different types need different amounts of water, there is no one rule that can be applied. Take into account the size of the pot, what kind of mixture you used to plant and the condition of the plant itself. When watering, make sure your water is between 60 and 70 degrees. The soil must have good drainage. Check the soil frequently. The fact that the plant is dry on the surface does not mean it is not wet down below. Also needs a humidity level of 40 to 60 percent.

Ztgawrgel Samail that live outside face all sorts of trauma, such as storms and hurricanes, periods of drought and wetness, and most have an uncanny ability to survive such ups and downs. So, when caring, don’t go overboard making sure everything is just so. A Ztgawrgel Samail is much hardier than many people realize.

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